Martino Update from Quaker City and Pace Makers

Test Session at Quaker City Raceway (Salem, Ohio) - September 4
The second test session with the new motor went well.  Although the track and weather were not in the greatest condition, we were able to take the long way down the track with a 150 HP shot of Ny-Trex nitrous (nitrous timers .25 seconds on into the run for 2.25 seconds) and run a 4.55 at 146 MPH in the eight mile (an adequate tune-up for the next race on our schedule, the NHRA Jeg's SuperQuick series event at Pace Makers Dragway).

One of the biggest challenges we’ve had to date with the new motor (since we were unable to dyno it) is finding a convertor combination that will bring this engine to life.  After the two test sessions we’ve had, we are confident that our friend’s over at TCI will be able to take our RacePak data printouts from our runs and build us a convertor that will help maximize our dragster’s potential with the new motor.

NHRA Jeg's SuperQuick series event at Pace Makers Dragway (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) - September 11-12
The NHRA and staff at Pace Makers Dragway did an excellent job of prepping the track for this event.  After watching the first couple pairs of SuperQuick cars run in the first round of qualifying, we decided to roll our nitrous timers back to .25 seconds into the run for 1.30 seconds to ensure that we didn’t run faster than the class index of 4.50 seconds in the eighth mile.

Said combination produced e.t.’s in the high 4.50s at 149 MPH.

In the middle of the first round of SuperQuick competition on Saturday, we had another battle with a strong storm cell moving through the Mt. Vernon area.  Due to said storm, racing for Saturday was washed out and we were forced to resume competition early Sunday morning.  With completely different weather and track conditions on Sunday, we were able to capitalize on our years of experience in Top Dragster, dial our dragster in, and continue our streak of getting down to 8 cars, by going three rounds yet again before we lost to last year's series champion in a tight battle at the finish line.

We are looking forward to our next race, the NHRA Jeg's Northern SportsNationals, September 24-26 to see if we can finally get that first win of the season we have been striving for since April.

Next Event:
This upcoming weekend, September 24-26, we will be competing in Top Dragster at the NHRA Jeg's Northern SportsNationals (  We are looking forward to the event for many reasons, some of which include the opportunity to put the 250 HP Ny-Trex nitrous tune-up to our new engine combination and see what this motor can produce in the quarter mile.

You can follow our event progress live on under the heading of NHRA Jeg’s Northern SportsNationals, Class - Top Dragster.

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