Martino Motorsports Updates on Indy

April 28, 2010 --

We got rained out in Indy this past weekend and will be headed back for the re-run (May 21-22) the week after Norwalk's divisional (May 14-16).

We made one pass on Saturday in between rain fall and ran a career best et of 6.951 at 93.52 MPH to qualify 22nd with the 400 shot tune-up (6 1/2 n2o fuel pressure, 7 1/4 fuel pressure, 10 degree retard on timing - nitrous turned on .10 into the run for the whole length of the track).

Also we are close to getting the new motor together. We just purchased a 638 cubic inch BBC that went 6.50s in a Top Sportsman Corvette, it should really fly in our dragster...

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