Martino Motorsports Becomes Contender with NyTrex

After struggling for some time to keep pace with Top Dragsters that seemed to be going faster than possible, Tom and Ryan Martino, the father and son duo of Youngstown-based Martino Motorsports, had to make a change. "We heard about Ny-Trex thru our sponsor friends at Fidanza who seemed to think this would be our magic bullet, after checking it out closely and comparing it to what the competition offered we were also convinced. We made the move to Ny-Trex and immediately became competitive again."

"Our success on the track depends on consistency and Ny-Trex came thru for us in a big way. They provided us with a specific plan using cutting edge components and gave us tremendous support. Thanks to Ny-Trex we now consistently qualify our Top Dragster in the 6's at 200+mph"

Tom Martino

Martino Motorsports

Follow Tom and Ryan of Martino Motorsports throughout the 2010 season!