The Hudson Project - July Update

The HudsonLast weekend I took the Hudson to race the Bonneville 100 Open Road race that starts just south of Wendover, NV on HWY 93A and goes 50 miles to the 93 junction and races back for a total of 100 miles. Everything started out great and at any given time there was a crowd around the truck checking it out. Friday was my Rookie Qualifying and practice and Saturday was the race.

Friday we got up and drove the truck to the 23 mile mark at highway speeds to the start of our 9 mile practice course where we will run the nine miles north and turn back and run nine back south. Because we were the fastest speed class out of all rookies they sent us off first. From the standing start to the first turn was about a half mile and we reached 148mph and the truck never ran better! I powered through the rest of the 8.5miles between 130 and 150. I heard a sound at the turn around that I thought was the waist gate opening, as soon as we got turned around they sent me back but this time the power seemed greatly diminished and pyrometer and water temp climbed sky high! When I pulled into the pit area steam started billowing out form under the hood, after quickly exiting the truck and opening the hood I saw that the radiator hose was blown apart and saw some oil residue  covering the engine. So we winched the truck on the trailer and headed for home!

I safely made it home and I have started pulling the motor out of the truck to see what went wrong. It has to be one of two problems...any which way I am going to tear down the motor and completely rebuild it!

I did find some new respect for open road racing, that is the ultimate test for drive train and the chassis! Nowhere are you racing for 100 miles straight foot to the floor and trying to keep the truck on the road as you race through the turns and dips sometimes at the same time that get you airborne. I plan to go through he motor with a fine tooth comb to find out the problem and make it better so this will not happen again.

-Randy Simmons

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