Final Race Recap of 2011

The following is our race weekend recap!  This was the annual Non-Wing racing event in which we take off the wing and put a body on #77 Tim Ice Bodnar chassis weekly car.  For Charlie in the #7 car we bring out the Matczak chassis non-wing car.  This particular car we only run once a year and at this event.

Racing was pretty good and we were sitting pretty until inspection time.  Then the bomb was dropped that we were ½” too wide on the #7 Matczak car.  The problem was, we had gone to a wide five and forgot to remove the spacer.  So we took home a paycheck for 3rd and last.  Needless to say we were extremely disappointed.

Here is the racing recap from the weekend:

Gosek spins, then comes from tail to win MSA Non Wing Challenge

by Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
September 18, 2011

Veteran Supermodified shoe Joe Gosek made the 400 mile tow and seven hour drive pay off as he sailed to the front of the MSA/Oswego Non Wing Challenge 50 lap feature race at Sandusky (OH) Speedway, after spinning at the mid-point of the event, and hung on winning in convincing style. This was the second time Gosek has won the MSA annual event as he also took the checkers in 2009. Gosek was one of three drivers that broke the Sandusky track record in qualifying for non-wing supermodifieds and started seventh in the 50 lap main event. With just 15 laps to go Gosek made the late race pass on the outside going into turn one of then leader Tim Ice to secure the victory.

Brandon Fisher and, the most recent winner on the MSA trail, Trent Stephens would bring the field to the drop of the green to get the marathon going. A restart would be ordered as the cars fell out of position well before the starting point. The second attempt was the charm as Stephens got a big start and rocketed into turn one sweeping down to the inside and easily coming off turn two with the lead as Fisher dropped in second and the rest of the field scattered in battles for position. However, Stephens lead was short lived as at the ten lap point Oswego invader Michael Barnes wrestled his way to the inside and got by Stephens to take over the lead. Meanwhile the May Motorsports teammates of Tim Ice and Charlie Schultz moved into third and fourth as fast qualifier D J Shullick Jr. rounded out the top five. The first caution would fly when Shullick Jr.’s mount came to a stop on track. A quick push back to the pit area and the field was realigned going back under the green flag. Just a short time later Gosek would loop his car in a spin in turn two while racing Schultz for the fourth position and was relegated to the tail for the insuring restart. As the action at mid pack was heating up the front two had checked out but was battling as well. With just 18 laps to go they would make contact as Stephens would bounce off the wall and Barnes would sail off turn three. This brought out a red flag as the track crew had work to do, both front runner Barnes and Stephens were done for the night and on the hook. Now with 18 laps to go suddenly last year’s winner Ice found himself in the top position with his teammate breathing down his headers. Moe Lilje was now scored in third and Gosek had recovered to move back into the fourth slot, clearly the fastest car on the track. Once the race went green it took just one lap for Gosek to dispose of Lilje, and the very next he went right on by Schultz. Ice was not as easy but once he caught up to the leader it did not take long. The only thing that prolonged the lead change was an untimely yellow flag just after Gosek took the point. Putting the field back to the way they were running at the last completed lap before the yellow the green would fly. And just like that Gosek went to the top and bingo, right to the front sweeping past Ice and laying down a fire trail to the checkers as he was clearly the class of the field. Ice, Schultz, Lilje, and Fisher rounded out the top five.

“We had a better car at the end then we did in the beginning,” stated Gosek. “We really fell behind; the car was really slipping and sliding. I don’t know, then I spun it out because it was so free and lose. Then we had the red flag and I was hoping something would change with the stagger because the tires shrink and cool. I was just thinking maybe it will do something different. And then after the red it was a whole new car, unbelievable. Then it would run the outside, which I like to do here. But, we got it done; I didn’t think I really had a chance. I just stuck the car up there in turns one and two on the restart and by the time we got to three I was clear. From there I just tried to be smooth and consistent,” finished the happy winner.

Runner up Ice noted, “I was getting tight. Then when Joe went by I saw his line and moved up there and the car freed up. Early I could run with those guys up front, but I backed off they were being pretty dicey. I don’t know, Joe was just good,” finished Ice.

During post-race inspection Lilje was moved into the third position after a disqualification. “I did not get a real good start, I got dragged to the back a little bit,” started Lilje. “I just stayed clean and had some things fall my way as I moved into fourth. I won my heat race but I never pushed the car for all it was worth. I wanted to save the tires for the 50 laps. But, I brought it home with all four wheels on the ground and we will go onto next week. The future looks great in this car; we actually plan to build a new one for next year. Everything is working out great, The Reed Team is really good with me, I appreciate all the guys, they work hard,” finished Lilje.

The heat winners included Lilje and Barnes. Shullick Jr. set fast time with a 15.938 and new track record for non-wing supermodified cars. The race itself was slowed by just four caution flags. September 24 at Sandusky Speedway will be the final race of the 2011 MSA campaign and the series Champion will be crowned. Due to a post-race inspection infraction the No. 7 car of Schultz was disqualified and Lilje moved up to third with Fisher fourth and Bobby Dawson moved into the fifth slot.

This concludes our racing season.  We thank you all very much for your support.  Without all of you, it would be very difficult to do what we do.

Take care and thanks again!

David & Lori May
May Motorsports

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