DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II Install

DEI BoomMat Floor and Tunnel Shield IIOver the past year with our new motorhome we have been battling high heat issues between the driver and passenger seats where the large Ford V-10 engine is located.  Although the motor is covered with a thick carpeted housing with “factory” insulation placed around the engine, said areas get very warm and uncomfortable during road-trips, which fans and air-conditioning can’t seem to keep cool.

This past Saturday we took said housing apart to install the DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II to help significantly reduce temperatures in the “cockpit” area of our motorhome.

Our project took 1-1/2 half sheets of floor and tunnel shield to cover the massive engine housing.  The product was easy to cut and shape around very tight spots and curved areas.  What was unique about the install was that we were able to go beyond the coverage of the factory insulation and cover the entire engine housing to ensure that heat doesn’t sneak into the front areas of the motorhome.  The adhesive included on the floor and tunnel shield stuck instantly to the various surfaces in the engine housing (fiberglass, steel, etc.) and doesn't budge an inch (which is very assuring when molding it around exposed engine components).  Our install took around 30 minutes to complete.  In a test run of the install, we noticed cooler temperatures instantly along with reduced sound. 

We will give a follow-up review on the DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II install next week after we return from Thompson Raceway Park.

The Martinos

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