Charlie Shultz 2010 Racing Schedule

For those of you following Charlie Schultz, we're posting his 2010 race schedule. If he's at a raceway in your area, we highly recommend checking out an event and rooting Charlie on.

Charlie Shultz 2010 Schedule PhotoThe race schedule is as follows:

Sat. 8th: MSA Sandusky Speedway
Sat. 22nd: MSA Loraine County Speedway

Sat. 5th: MSA Sandusky Speedway
Fri. 11th: MSA Toledo Speedway
Sat. 12th: MSA Lorain County Speedway
Sat. 26th: Sandusky Speedway

Fri. 9th: MSA Oswego Speedway
Sat. 10th: MSA Oswego Speedway
Fri. 16th: Kil-Kare Speedway
Fri. 23rd: ISMA Sandusky Speedway
Sat. 24th: ISMA Sandusky Speedway
Sat 31st: MSA Lorain County Speedway

Sat. 14th: MSA Mansfield Motor Sports Park
Sat. 21st: MSA Shady Bowl Speedway

Sat. 4th: ISMA Oswego Speedway (Wing)
Sun. 5th: CLASSIC Time Trials & Non-Wing Race
Sat 18th: MSA Sandusky Speedway (Non-Wing Show)

Sat. 2nd: MSA Lorain County Speedway