Bill Snowden's 2003 Cobra

Bill Snowden's 2003 CobraThe 37th annual World of Wheels car show in Boston, MA is historically one of the biggest and best car shows on New England. Last year, for example, the show attracted nearly 90,000 attendees. It is an ISCA Judged event that only accepts the highest quality cars and was limited to 200 entries accepted from all over the nation. Everything from custom rods to fully original classics to modified new edge vehicles were there to be shown and judged, and newcomer Bill Snowden was a part of it.

Bill Snowden's 2003 CobraThe 37th W.O.W. was the first time Bill had ever attended a World of Wheels event and he just so happened to be allowed to show his vehicle in the event as well. His 2003 Cobra has a decent sized list of mods including DEI coolant additives, a CryO2 intercooler sprayer and purge setup, and a Ny-Trex 150-shot wet nitrous setup. The 2003 Cobra ended up placing in its class and owner Bill Snowden was awarded the World of Wheels "Rising Star" award given to the best builder age 25 and under.


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