Titanium T6 Turbo Shield with LR Technology

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DEI Introduces Titanium™ T6 Turbo Shield with LR™ Technology

Boosts HP – Manages Turbo Heat with Titanium-like Strength and Durability

T6 Titanium Turbo Shield with LR TechnologyAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 24, 2011) – Turbochargers generate a lot of heat and without protection, can potentially affect under-the-hood components and overall turbo performance.   Now there is a way to manage excessive turbo heat in the turbine housing and related radiant heat under the hood with DEI’s new Titanium™ T6 Turbo Shield with LR™ Technology.  Much like DEI’s T3 and T4 shields, the T6 handles direct continuous heat in the turbine up to 1800 degrees F (980°C), and up to 2500 degrees F (1370°C) of radiant heat. Made from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave, and high temperature rated silica insulation padding, the T6 provides for protection against extreme heat.

This improvement in under hood thermal management helps keep more heat inside the turbo to assist in faster spool-up while reducing radiant temperature. The result is cooler air intake temperatures for improved performance and a boost in horsepower.  Less heat circulating in the engine bay also means reducing the chances of “heat soak” conditions on vital under hood components. The T6 Turbo Shield's ability to reduce under hood temperature also assists in eliminating heat transfer to a vehicle’s interior for overall ride comfort.

Anchoring hooks have been incorporated and strategically located on the shield as a way for fastening it securely to the turbine housing. The T6 Turbo Shield has a cool carbon fiber look, and is sold separately or as a kit that includes a 2 inch wide by 15 foot roll of Titanium down pipe wrap, two 14 inch stainless steel locking ties, and 5 feet of fastening wire.  Everything is included for a quick and simple install.

For more information on Design Engineering’s new Titanium T6 Turbo Shield, Titanium Exhaust Wrap and other DEI thermal tuning products, visit:  www.DesignEngineering.com. For technical assistance, call 1-800-264-9472, or email: Sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com.

About Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI)
Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), founded in 1995 by the late Dale Markley and based in Avon Lake, Ohio, is the leading aftermarket supplier of thermal tuning, heat, and sound control products.  Additionally, DEI manufactures Ny-Trex™ nitrous systems and components that are sold nationwide to the motorsports, automotive, motorcycle, powersports and marine enthusiast markets. DEI engineered products offer the most effective means to improve an engine’s cooling efficiency to enhance performance.  In 2009, Design Engineering entered the turbocharging market by partnering with SPA Turbo of Brazil to become the official North America supplier of SPA turbos and components.

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