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DEI Announces Titanium Exhaust Wrap with LR Technology™
Now Available at AutoZone® Stores Nationwide

Original Manufacturer of Titanium Exhaust Wrap Expands Retail Distribution

DEI Polaris Slingshot Heat Control KitAVON LAKE, OHIO (AUGUST 17, 2015) – Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is proud to announce a major expansion of distribution for its signature exhaust wrap product – Titanium Exhaust Wrap with LR Technology™. First developed and introduced by DEI in 2009, DEI’s premium thermal performance exhaust and header wrap featuring LR Technology keeps more heat in exhaust system increasing exhaust velocity for improved flow and less under hood “hot air” from entering the air intake for more horsepower. Additional benefits include reduced incidence of “heat soak” caused by excessive heat that can damage vulnerable under hood components, and less heat transmitted through the firewall and floor of the vehicle for a more comfortable interior. This technologically advanced exhaust header and pipe wrap is now available at AutoZone® stores nationwide and available for purchase online at www.autozone.com.

Composed of pulverized lava rock extruded into fibers then woven into a proprietary tight weave, this premium wrap has titanium-like strength and long lasting durability, yet very pliable to allow a tight and secure wrap; all without pre-wetting. Tested and proven to withstand direct heat up to 1800°F, or intermittent heat up to 2500°F, DEI’s original Titanium Exhaust Wrap is 40-50% more effective than conventional glass fiber wraps. Featuring a cool carbon fiber look, it is resistant to both chemical oil spills and vibration breakdown; making it the preferred wrap for grassroots or professional race applications, or modified street vehicles where appearance thermal control and more power is needed. In addition to use on exhaust headers and pipes, DEI’s Titanium Wrap is ideal for turbo downpipes and motorcycle applications – increasing performance and protection against burns.

DEI’s original Titanium Wrap with LR Technology is now available in a range of widths including 1”, 2”, 4” and 6” widths as well as multiple lengths (15’, 25’, 35’, 50’ and 100’).

For more information about the original Titanium Exhaust Wrap manufactured by DEI, visit www.DesignEngineering.com, call DEI at 800-264-9472 or e-mail: Sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com. To keep up with the latest new thermal performance products from Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), like us on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. For more information about AutoZone, go to www.autozone.com.


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About Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI)

Design Engineering, Inc., founded in 1995 by the late Dale Markley, is the leading aftermarket manufacturer and global supplier of performance heat and sound control products. DEI engineered products offer the most effective means to improve an engine’s cooling efficiency to enhance performance. Boom Mat, the company’s sound deadening product line, offer products that keep a vehicle’s interior cool and quiet.

Based in Avon Lake, Ohio, the company has continued to grow employing 30 under the leadership of the Markley family and through the expansion into new product lines including: Boom Mat™, Ny-Trex™, Radiator Relief™ and CryO2™. In addition to supplying the performance automotive aftermarket with thermal tuning products, DEI serves the needs of the powersports, marine, industrial and commercial industry markets worldwide.

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