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DEI Speed SleevesAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 18, 2016) – Excessive under-the-hood heat generated by exhaust pipes and headers robs horsepower, puts electrical components at risk and reduces overall performance. DEI, the leading thermal specialist for the automotive aftermarket, now offers a quicker and easier way to ensure a cooler air charge for improved performance. Introduced at the 2015 SEMA Show, Speed Sleeves cover and protect primary exhaust header pipes serving both as an insulator and radiant heat barrier for pipes up to 2-1/2” in diameter. Speed Sleeves offer a time saving alternative to completely wrapping headers from top to bottom, and can also be used for spot heat protection on any pipe or manifold.

Also sold as a kit, Speed Sleeves has everything needed for a quick and simple install including 8” wide exhaust wrap, locking fasteners and stainless steel locking ties. Available for purchase in two color options, tan and black, it is available for either a four or six cylinder engine (12’ of wrap) or eight cylinder (16’ of wrap).



DEI Ultra 47™ Turbo ShieldAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 5, 2016) – The new ONYX™ Series Starter Shield from Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), provides reliable heat protection for starters under severe duty or extreme heat. Starters exposed to heat soak often malfunction or have problems starting reliably.  DEI’s next generation ONYX Series Starter Shield provides the highest level of thermal protection to prevent starter malfunction due to heat soak.

The ONYX Series Starter Shield combines two technologically advanced textiles into a dual layer for maximum thermal control. The outer layer is made from heat treated glass fiber bonded with molten aluminum then formed into a tight weave for added strength and durability. The inner layer is made of a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica). Combined, these materials protect the starter up to 1350°F of direct heat.



DEI EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe WrapAVON LAKE, OHIO (DECEMBER 18, 2016) – When it comes to off road, dirt track or desert racing, exhaust pipes and headers definitely take a beating and require an extra level of durability. DEI has the solution.  The new EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap is the toughest most effective thermal wrap on the market for headers and exhaust pipes that have repeated exposure to abrasion or high impact road or trail conditions.  The EXO Series Wrap is designed to deliver both superior heat protection and resistance to harsh road, track or off road conditions, unlike any other wrap on the market today.

Developed for long-lasting durability, the EXO Series features a dual layer material constructed of high temperature glass fiber, encased in a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton—tough enough for the most extreme desert, dirt track or off-road conditions.  With DEI’s new Air Gap technology, an insulating air barrier that keeps direct contact of the glass fiber wrap off the hot surface of the pipe, makes the EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap the preferred premium wrap for any truck or vehicle off-road or on the street.



DEI Ultra 47™ Turbo ShieldAVON LAKE, OHIO (DECEMBER 16, 2015) – DEI, the leading thermal control specialist for the automotive aftermarket since 1995, now offers the Ultra 47™ Turbo Shield.  This new affordably priced shield, introduced at the 2015 SEMA Show, is designed for either OEM or aftermarket T-3 (#010172) and T-4 (#010173) turbos.

The Ultra 47 turbo shield significantly decreases turbo lag and spool time for quicker power and increased torque.  More heat is kept inside the turbo manifold increasing exhaust gas velocity for increased boost pressure.  Reduced under the hood temperature also ensures cooler intake charges, adds protection of vacuum lines and wiring harness from excessive heat and improves radiator performance.

It is a skillfully constructed, tri-layer material design that uses advanced technology to ensure heat stays where it belongs – inside the turbocharger.  The outer shell is made of aluminum impregnated glass fiber with a high temperature insulating mat core and a silica glass blended interior liner.  Double stitched seams and smooth capped anchor points, distinguish this shield as a true Made in the USA quality product. The shield covers aftermarket turbos – Garrett, Precision, TIAL, Turbonetics or Borg-Warner.



DEI Ultra 47™ Turbo ShieldAVON LAKE, OHIO (NOVEMBER 15, 2015) – Passing fireproofing inspection for any USAC Quarter Midget race is now easier with DEI’s newly introduced Quarter Midget Fuel Line Kit.  Fireproofing fuel lines became mandatory for all USAC Quarter Midget racing in 2014.  This new kit from DEI meets all fuel line fireproofing requirements as identified in the 2015 USAC rule book for Quarter Midget class racing.  It also provides added security and protection for racers from a potential fire in the engine compartment.

The kit includes 1.5’ of 3/8” ID silicone covered, glass braided sleeving rated to a maximum temperature of 520°F for 136 hours, 4 heat shrink sleeves to secure the sleeving, and 2 DEI brand decals. The sleeving is sufficient to cover the fuel line on any Quarter Midget car.