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DEI Quick Fix TapeAVON LAKE, OHIO (OCTOBER 19, 2011) – Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) a leading U.S. manufacturer of thermal tuning products, is introducing a new high performance grade, self-curing waterproof tape that is a must-have for any home, shop or automotive repair tool kit. Quick Fix tape provides an immediate waterproof seal on contact. Made to be resistant to moisture, harsh chemical solvents, oil or fuel, it is the ideal tape for emergency hose repair or to seal temporary leaks for all automotive, marine, RV, powersports and industrial uses.

Extruded from a special high performance grade silicone that withstands extreme heat or cold (-60°F to 500°F) while providing insulation up to 8,000 volts and 700 psi tensile strength, Quick Fix Tape is the ultimate multi-use tape. It is pliable yet strong, stretching up to three times its length making it easy to manipulate for many different repair situations. Uniquely, Quick Fix is made with a triangular profile that makes the tape thicker in the center than the edges to provide a smooth overlapping edge for a secure bond, yet can be removed when needed without leaving a sticky residue.



DEI Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening HeadlinerAVON LAKE, OHIO (OCTOBER 19, 2011) – Jeeps are notorious for their cabin noise making it difficult to have conversation or listen to music. Boom Mat specializes in sound deadening materials that are easy to install that can greatly reduce the distraction of outside or ambient noise.

Boom Mat™, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustic material, now offers the Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner for the two and four door 2011 and up model Jeep Wrangler.  Boom Mat’s Jeep Wrangler sound deadening headliner, introduced originally for the 2007 – 2010 Wrangler hard tops, is a simple peel and stick kit that dresses up the interior of the Jeep’s hard top while minimizing vehicle vibration and outside noise. The headliner reduces noise levels three to four decibels, providing a significant change in noise level while providing much needed insulation from the cold or heat for added comfort.

The Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner is manufactured as a three piece1” thick set that is available in all three colors: black, gray or white, available for both the two and four door 2007 – 2010 and the new 2011-2012 model Jeep Wrangler.



SPA Turbo Hyundai Genesis Manifold - Design EngineeringAVON LAKE, OHIO (October 23, 2011) – Easy Bolt-on Power - Cast for OE Fit and Durability! At last - now there’s an easier way to quickly add power to your Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the introduction of SPA Turbo USA’s new 2.0L T3 Turbo Exhaust Manifold.

This manifold is built for long-lasting durability with an OE style casting which provides protection from the weld cracks, flange warp, and tube rust commonly associated with tubular manifolds. Design based on the common T3 turbo flange, it provides an easier way to bolt-on power without resorting to handmade and costly tubular manifolds. The 2-bolt universal external wastegate flange works with most popular 35/38mm wastegates manufactured by SPA, TiAL, Turbo Smart, Turbonetics, and Synapse.



DEI Under Hood Thermal Acoustic LiningAVON LAKE, OHIO (SEPTEMBER 2, 2011) – DEI’s new Under Hood (UH) Thermal Acoustic Lining reduces the transfer of heat and noise generated from high performance, high rev engines. Made of ¾” thick, high quality, industrial acoustical grade foam with a reinforced reflective aluminum skin it is easy to install. Simply peel and stick for immediate protection and improved noise control. DEI’s themal acoustic lining provides thermal control within a temperature range of -45 degree F (43 C) to 275 degree F (135 C).



DEI Under Hood Thermal Acoustic LiningAVON LAKE, OHIO (JULY 29, 2011) – Boom Mat™, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustical and thermal insulation, creates products that merge form and function.  The new Leather Look Sound Barrier is an ideal way to reduce noise and have a premium leather appearance.  Available in a moisture resistant, black leather embossed material, this product was designed for insulating trunks, door panels, floors, speaker boxes and package shelves – any interior area of a vehicle where a leather appearance would provide a finishing touch.