Ny-Trex™ Introduces Big-Diesel with CryO2 Tech

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Ny-Trex™ Introduces the Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology –
A Complete Dry Nitrous System that Increases Intercooler Efficiency

The only nitrous system that allows you to cool your intercooler with every purge

Ny-Trex Big Diesel Dry Nitrous System with CryO2AVON LAKE, OHIO (JULY 22, 2013) – Leave it to Ny-Trex, the official nitrous system of Diesel Motorsports, and DEI’s CryO2 division to design a diesel nitrous system that not only adds quick horsepower, but also takes advantage of every purge to keep your intercooler cool. The Big-Diesel w/ CryO2, designed for use with any intercooled turbo diesel engine, provides all the horsepower benefit of nitrous oxide with a purge sprayer that will cool your intercooler as you purge nitrous to prevent unwanted gas pockets.

Injecting super cooled liquid nitrous oxide into a diesel engine lowers charge air temps and acts as an oxidizer to promote a clean burn. Purging is part of the advised practice to maintain a safe and reliable system. The CryO2 sprayer mounted in front of the intercooler sprays liquid nitrous oxide directly onto the intercooler core, effectively jump-starting the intercooler.  Other systems simply release valuable nitrous oxide into the air during a purge. The Big-Diesel increases intercooler efficiency by reducing incidence of pre-stage heat-soaking that robs power and creates problems in the long run.

The Ny-Trex Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology (part #110038), designed for diesel motorsports competition, has a universal fit that makes installation relatively simple. It is sold inclusive with the purge valve and all hardware and electrical components, and the solenoid is protected with a no hassle lifetime warranty. Weather Pack wire connectors facilitate a clean application and the 1/8” nozzle flows up to 300 hp.

For more information on the Ny-Trex Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology Dry Nitrous System, visit: http://www.designengineering.com/Big Diesel.  For tech support, call 1-800-264-9472, or email: Sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com.


Primary Points:

  • Designed specifically for diesel applications
  • Universal fit for intercooled turbo diesel applications
  • System includes purge valve and related components

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Formed in 1995, Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) is a major U.S. manufacturer and supplier of high performance automotive aftermarket products selling worldwide to a large number of commercial markets – industrial, agricultural, powersports and marine.  DEI, located in Avon Lake, OH specializes in the development of thermal tuning and acoustic products.  Additionally, DEI markets cryogenic intake systems and related accessories under the (CryO2) brand, nitrous oxide systems and accessories (Ny-Trex), acoustical insulation and sound deadening products (Boom Mat), performance additives (Radiator Relief) and most recently turbo products as the exclusive US supplier for (SPA Turbo).

About Ny-Trex
Ny-Trex, a nitrous oxide company founded in 2003, offers a complete line of nitrous oxide kits and components utilizing 21st century technology and was acquired by Design Engineering, Inc. in November 2008.

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