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Overview— Design Engineering, Inc (DEI) offers the next generation of nitrous, Ny-Trex Nitrous. Ny-Trex is based on the need for quality, aggressive looks, variety, easy installation, helpful packaging and performance at a great price. Sure, there are others other nitrous companies that have been around longer. However, some looks and even functions have become dated and offer less options. Ny-Trex has the distinct advantage of improving on the established technologies while forging new and unique methods with “Outside the Box” aggressive styling and function.

Triple-Threat Systems - Ny-Trex is proud to introduce the next phase of nitrous innovation and evolution, the Triple-Threat wet nitrous system. This system, also known as the Ultimate Tri-Valve System, combines all three valve functions: Purge, N2O and Fuel in one easy to install component. By comparison, competitive systems require four part numbers to equal the contents of the Triple-Threat System. Ny-Trex considers these components essential and as such, includes the required components. The benefits continue with all plumbing, wiring and hardware completed and included. The system is made from billet aluminum and is laser-etched. The valve system is complete and can be easily retrofitted. More so, all Ny-Trex systems solenoids are serviceable, mount on any (shape) surface and offer a lifetime warranty.

Ny-Trex Products are Made for Installers - Ny-Trex has many applications that do not require internal engine modifications. Installers will appreciate the Ny-Trex systems because they install quick and easy and include not only all the necessary parts but options for installing them. One example is the ‘05+ Mustang S197 Wet nitrous system # 110029. It is one of several simple and straightforward systems with more applications like the new Camaro and Challenger coming soon. Installation includes well nuts for easy tank bracket mounting installation, drill bit and tap for and various methods for tapping into the fuel rail. Even the packaging is well-thought out and designed for both veteran installers and beginners. All wires and relay leads are tagged for no-error connections and includes a jet card with many options for tuning.

T-Rex Nozzle - The leading edge component of the system. Most systems use a 90 degree angle for nozzle installation. The T-Rex spray pattern is 110 degrees to allow close placement and aiming to the center of throttle body. Other designs need  to mount a good distance away from throttle body to accomplish a fair spray distribution. And it doesn’t stop there. The design of the nozzle is evolutionary. The bowl in the T-Rex nozzle releases nitrous at an angle and creates negative pressure to draw vacuum on the fuel side in a classic venturi effect for a more effective mixture and flow. This design can allow for up to an incredible 300 hp gain with a single nozzle. The T-Rex nozzle also makes compatibility easy by allowing the use of any style or manufacture’s jets.

EFI Wet Nitrous Systems - The Ultimate EFI Single Nozzle Wet System
Ny-Trex offers the all-new EFI 4, 6 and 8 cylinder wet nitrous system that uses only the highest quality materials and components to produce the best performing, best looking and most reliable wet system around. Ny-Trex systems have been thoroughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensure the most safe and reliable performance possible.

Dry-Trex and Big-Diesel Dry Nitrous Systems – The Ultimate Single Nozzle Dry System - Ny-Trex offers the all-new Dry-Trex EFI 4, 6 and 8 cylinder dry nitrous system as one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve the performance of late model EFI vehicles. This system sprays nitrous only and allows the vehicle’s fuel or computer system to enrich the fuel as needed. The Big-Diesel system with a larger 1/8th inch Big Dry  nozzle is also offered for the agressive truck world.

Awesome V8 Spray Plate Systems - Ny-Trex Spray-Plate nitrous systems use the highest quality material and precision machined components to make BIG horsepower, good looks and the most reliable carbureted V8 plate system around. Ny-Trex Spray-Plate systems utilize a machined billet injector plate installed between the carburetor and manifold. The Stainless Steel spray bars have 80 laser-drilled discharge holes (96 for Dominator) that inject both nitrous and fuel precisely into the intake manifold.

Split-Shot Dual Cross Bar Carbureted Plate Systems – The Ny-Trex Split-Shot Valve is an exclusive design capable of 700 hp of nitrous flow from a single valve. The single inlet-dual outlet valve combined with a dual cross bar plate makes this the most powerful and cleanest plate system on the market. Ny-Trex Split-Shot systems use 1” machined billet injector plate installed between carb and manifold. The dual stainless spray bars have 160 laser drilled discharge holes (192 for Dominator) for improved power and distribution.

Revolutionary High Flow Solenoids – Ny-Trex Solenoids are made with Volt-Trap coils that are stronger and more efficient allowing for a larger orifice, more flow and works with as few as nine volts of power. The N2O seal is Teflon and a Viton seal is used for fuel. All Ny-Trex solenoids carry a lifetime warranty.

Injector Nozzles and Spray-Plates - Ny-Trex nozzles are precision machined from the finest billet materials then beautifully finished in either a bright anodized or nickel chrome finish. The exclusive T-Rex Nozzle with true blend spray bowl delivers a swirl cone plume at a 110 degree angle to center the throttle body for and even blend. Ny-Trex Spray-Plates are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and fitted with Stainless Steel spray bars and laser drilled holes that provide an even blend of nitrous and fuel. The more holes the better, the standard Holley plate has eight and the Dominator plate has 96.

Durable Braided Stainless Lines - Ny-Trex Braided Stainless nozzle and fuel lines were designed with performance in mind and are made from the highest quality braided Stainless Steel with a Teflon inner core, so you know they will last.

Flare Jets, Jet Packs and Dual Taper Jets - Flare Jets are precision micro machined from high quality brass with each orifice laser-drilled for accuracy. Flare jets come in a large array of sizes and feature a Dual-Taper orifice design that improves flow efficiency and reduces restrictions caused by freezing.For more information on Design Engineering’s Ny-Trex nitrous systems and components, DEI thermal tuning and SPA turbocharger products, visit:  www.DesignEngineering.com, call 1-800-264-9472 or email: sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com


About Design Engineering, Inc.
Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), founded in 1995 by the late Dale Markley. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, DEI is the leading aftermarket supplier of thermal tuning, heat, sound control products and Ny-Trex nitrous systems and components sold to the motorsports, automotive, motorcycle, powersports, RV and marine enthusiast markets. DEI offers the most effective means to improve an engine’s cooling efficiency and produce more horsepower. In 2009, Design Engineering entered the turbocharging market by partnering with SPA Turbo of Brazil to become the official North America supplier of SPA turbos and components.

For more information on DEI thermal tuning, Ny-Trex nitrous systems and SPA turbo systems and components, please visit:  www.DesignEngineering.com, call 1-800-264-9472 or e-mail: Sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com