Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater

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DEI Introduces Ny-Trex™ Accu-Pressure™ Bottle Heater

The Most Technologically Advanced Way to Control Nitrous Pressure and Heat a Nitrous Bottle for Improved Safety, Less Worry

Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle HeaterAVON LAKE, OHIO (April 5, 2011) – The new Ny-Trex™ Accu-Pressure™ Bottle Heater introduced by Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), is the most advanced and accurate way to control Nitrous Bottle pressure and heat nitrous bottles for safe, worry free use.

The ultimate goal of heating nitrous is to achieve optimum bottle pressure (900 – 1,000 psi).  The new Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater by DEI provides users with an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle pressure before use. The ability to provide accurate pressure control takes away the guess-work in heating nitrous to achieve correct bottle pressure providing a safer, worry free operation.

Other new technology includes a Mica-Band heating element that quickly and efficiently heats the bottle in half the time of traditional silicone, blanket-style heating elements.  Only the Ny-Trex, Accu-Pressure heater by DEI provides both accurate pressure control and quick heating for improved safety and quicker use.

Aesthetics are also maintained.  Unlike blanket-style heaters which hide the nitrous bottle, robbing its visual appeal, the Ny-Trex bottle heater is a slim, polished stainless steel band that wraps only a small portion of the bottle complimenting the bottle’s finish.

Sold as a system, the Ny-Trex, Accu-Pressure comes complete including easy-to-read
installation instructions, switches, relay, wire, and weather-pack connectors.

For more information on DEI thermal tuning, Ny-Trex nitrous systems, or SPA turbo systems and components, please visit:  www.DesignEngineering.com, call 1-800-264-9472, or e-mail: Sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com.

About Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI)
Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), founded in 1995 by the late Dale Markley and based in Avon Lake, Ohio, is the leading aftermarket supplier of thermal tuning, heat, and sound control products.  Additionally, DEI manufactures Ny-Trex nitrous systems and components that are sold nationwide to the motorsports, automotive, motorcycle, powersports and marine enthusiast markets. DEI engineered products offer the most effective means to improve an engine’s cooling efficiency to enhance performance.  In 2009, Design Engineering entered the turbocharging market by partnering with SPA Turbo of Brazil to become the official North America supplier of SPA turbos and components.

About Ny-Trex
Ny-Trex, a nitrous oxide company founded in 2003, offers a complete line of nitrous oxide kits and components utilizing 21st century technology and was acquired by Design Engineering, Inc. in November 2008.

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