DEI Powersports Adds F&T II Extreme Heat Shield

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DEI Powersports Introduces Second Generation
F&T II Extreme Heat Shield

A Versatile, Easy to Apply and Lightweight Heat Shield for Motorcycles and ATVs/UTVs

DEI Floor And Tunnel Shield IIAVON LAKE, OHIO (JUNE 28, 2013) – DEI’s newly introduced F&T II is an easy to apply heat shield that reflects direct continuous heat up to 1,750°F.  This newly improved lightweight shield effectively reflects heat from hot exhaust pipes, or protects items that come in direct contact with hot exhaust pipes such as seat pans, body panels or fairings. Versatile in its application it can also be strategically applied to protect a motorcycle, ATV or UTV against damage from road and track debris.

F&T II bonds to most any surface including: metal, aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, and fiberglass. To install, simply trim to fit, peel and apply. The patented finely woven glass-fiber self-adhesive backing is water resistant and withstands up to 450°F of direct heat.

Designed for multiple applications it is equally effective for automotive, marine and RV use; any vehicle’s location where radiant heat can damage components and adversely affect performance. For automotive applications this includes firewalls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells or under the hood that can greatly affect driver cabin comfort.

F&T II features a multifaceted modern aluminum surface for improved reflectivity and rigidity that makes it durable for debris protection while still being easy to form to fit into any shape. Constructed with an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to 1/8” composite glass-fiber core and backed with a high temp super strong pressure sensitive backing, this shield holds securely while taking the heat. At only 3/16” inches thick, it can be pressed for use in even hard to fit locations.

F&T II is available for purchase in three sizes: 2’X21” for 3.5 sq. ft. (# 050501), 4’X21” for 7 sq. ft. (# 050502), or 4’X42” for 14 sq. ft. (# 050503)

For more information on DEI’s F&T II, visit: For technical assistance on this and other DEI Powersports products, call toll free at 800-264-9472, or e-mail: sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com.


Primary Points:

  • Minimum clearance, only 3/16” thick
  • Withstands 1750°F direct continuous heat
  • Adheres to most any surface or material

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