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DEI Under Hood Thermal Acoustic LiningAVON LAKE, OHIO (JULY 29, 2011) – Boom Mat™, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustical and thermal insulation, creates products that merge form and function.  The new Leather Look Sound Barrier is an ideal way to reduce noise and have a premium leather appearance.  Available in a moisture resistant, black leather embossed material, this product was designed for insulating trunks, door panels, floors, speaker boxes and package shelves – any interior area of a vehicle where a leather appearance would provide a finishing touch.



DEI Boom Mat Under Carpet Lite (UC Lite)AVON LAKE, OHIO (January 24, 2011) – Boom Mat™, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustical and thermal insulation, is pleased to introduce a way to provide added thermal insulation and a superior sound barrier in those hard to cover areas like door liners, rear decks, headliners and more.  Under Carpet Lite™, (UC Lite™) is a ½” thick multi-layer, high tech water proof composite material designed to be extremely flexible and easy to install.  Boom Mat specializes in automotive performance sound deadening and thermal insulation products.  UC Lite offers maximum thermal insulation in a lightweight padding that provides less heat transfer in the summer while protecting against the transfer of cold air in the winter.



Buschur Racing LogoContingency Program Rules and Regulations

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is teaming-up with Buschur Racing in preparation for the 2011 19th Annual DSM/EVO Shootoout.  Beyond partnerinDesign Engineering DEI Logog in the event, DEI will be sponsoring a special contingency program.  DEI will be offering over $2,000 in DEI product certificates redeemable with Buschur Racing or directly with Design Engineering.  To make qualifying for the contingency program easy, Buschur Racing has kindly offered to reduce pricing on many DEI products!  Products include many from the CryO2, Ny-Trex nitrous systems, SPA turbo components, and DEI thermal control products lineup.  Special discounted prices will begin today and continue through the end of the event. 



Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle HeaterAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 24, 2011) – The new Ny-Trex™ Accu-Pressure™ Bottle Heater introduced by Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), is the most advanced and accurate way to control Nitrous Bottle pressure and heat nitrous bottles for safe, worry free use.

The ultimate goal of heating nitrous is to achieve optimum bottle pressure (900 – 1,000 psi).  The new Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater by DEI provides users with an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle pressure before use. The ability to provide accurate pressure control takes away the guess-work in heating nitrous to achieve correct bottle pressure providing a safer, worry free operation.



T6 Titanium Turbo Shield with LR TechnologyAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 24, 2011) – Turbochargers generate a lot of heat and without protection, can potentially affect under-the-hood components and overall turbo performance.   Now there is a way to manage excessive turbo heat in the turbine housing and related radiant heat under the hood with DEI’s new Titanium™ T6 Turbo Shield with LR™ Technology.  Much like DEI’s T3 and T4 shields, the T6 handles direct continuous heat in the turbine up to 1800 degrees F (980°C), and up to 2500 degrees F (1370°C) of radiant heat. Made from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave, and high temperature rated silica insulation padding, the T6 provides for protection against extreme heat.

This improvement in under hood thermal management helps keep more heat inside the turbo to assist in faster spool-up while reducing radiant temperature. The result is cooler air intake temperatures for improved performance and a boost in horsepower.  Less heat circulating in the engine bay also means reducing the chances of “heat soak” conditions on vital under hood components. The T6 Turbo Shield's ability to reduce under hood temperature also assists in eliminating heat transfer to a vehicle’s interior for overall ride comfort.