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Lite'N Boltz Plan-O-Gram Display Text and Hi-Res Image

New LED Lighted Button Head Bolts, with hex head opening, can be used anywhere accent lighting is desired.



Single and Dual Purge Valve Kits

A purge blast of CO2 will turn heads, command attention and crank up the “wow” factor a few notches



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

by: Tom Miller

Avon Lake, OH--Improves Intercooler Efficiency and Helps Lower Intake Temperatures While Protecting the Core

— Chill Charger™ is a revolutionary new high performance additive to improve the efficiency of water-to-air intercoolers. By simply adding Chill Charger to the intercooler reservoir, it will enhance the thermal transfer of hot intake air to the water circulating through the intercooler resulting in a cooler denser intake charge for a boost in performance.

Both turbochargers and superchargers generate a tremendous amount of under hood power robbing intense heat. The challenge is to find ways to dissipate this heat in order to produce lower intake temperatures to maximize output. Chill Charger is a proven additive that reduces water-to-air intercooler temperatures to improve efficiency for maximum performance.