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Avon Lake, Ohio – Design Engineering's next generation method of chilling the temperature of fuel before entering the intake stream is now available - the CryO² Fuel Chiller System!

The new CryO² Fuel Chiller System uses the cryogenic properties of liquid CO² to charge a series of internal cryogenic chambers surrounding the center "fuel" chamber. As the fuel passes through the center chamber, the cryogenic-charged chambers super cool the fuel by maximizing the thermal transfer process, removing heat four times more effectively than any other system available today.

Extreme under hood heat created by headers, exhaust manifolds, high pressure fuel pumps, the engine block itself and other heat generating components all combine to raise the temperature of fuel and creates a potentially lean condition or "vapor lock" that can damage the engine. The CryO² Fuel Chiller System with it's super-cooling effect helps reduce the temperature of fuel which in turn increases the density of fuel. Denser fuel promotes better and more efficient burning of the fuel - consequently generating more power and greater fuel efficiency.



From Full Product Sponsorships to Product Discounts

AVON LAKE, OHIO – Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) the leader in thermal tuning products and cryogenic intake systems announces a product sponsorship program for any interested individuals participating in international or local races and/or scheduled shows or events in 2010.

This program is designed to help get vehicles equipped with DEI products in return for show and race exposure along with the valuable feedback used to continue designing award-winning products. DEI’s sponsorship program is open to vehicles of any type including cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, karts, boats and personal watercraft. DEI understands that not everyone can be on the national show/race circuit so they make available programs to fit most commitment levels ranging from full sponsorship to product discounts and decals.

Those eligible for a 2010 DEI product sponsorship will be able select from any of the DEI thermal tuning products including CryO2 cryogenic systems and components, Boom Mat sound deadening material and products from DEI’s recently acquired nitrous system and component line-Ny-Trex.



NyTrex Typhoon TurbineTyphoon Turbine
Nitrous Delivery System Increases BOTH Horsepower and Torque

AVON LAKE, OHIO— Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has released their new Typhoon, a turbine that makes ordinary nitrous systems, extra-ordinary by increasing BOTH horsepower and torque. More importantly, it can even aid performance when not in use.

The Typhoon is a turbine located to feed the throttle body that brings a new and efficient way to improve delivery of Nitrous into intakes. Using the 900 to 1000 PSI high pressure created during nitrous activation, the Typhoon Turbine acts like a jet engine in revving up the flow of the mixture into the engine, thus increasing results.

The Typhoon turbine housing is CNC machined from billet aluminum and spins at 10 to 12,000 rpm. Utilizing a highly engineered turbine, the Typhoon’s two leading benefits are overall better distribution and creating positive pressure or a ‘mild’ boost for introducing nitrous. This simple principle enhances performance with improved spray distribution over typical EFI and single nozzle applications. Tests have shown horsepower efficiency of existing single nozzle nitrous injection systems improved by as much as 15% and increases in torque numbers up to 20% or more.



SPA Turbo Performance ManifoldsLeading Name in Turbocharing Comes to North America

AVON LAKE, OHIO—Design Engineering, Inc (DEI) is proud to introduce SPA Turbo USA to the North American market. SPA Turbo has been one of the leading names in turbocharging for over 20 years and brings more than their famous name to the USA.

DEI has aligned with SPA Turbo to offer SPA systems that are known world-wide for their design and reliability, providing high quality turbo systems and components at a reasonable price. Design Engineering, Inc, in partnership with SPA as the North American distributor of SPA turbos and components, brings SPA’s inventory of applications and accessories to the North American market. These manifolds, as well as many additional SPA and DEI products, are complete and ready to ship or though Design Engineering’s special order program. SPA and Design Engineering also have the capability to produce custom products for companies including private labeling opportunities.



NyTrex Nitrous Oxide Systems and ComponentsNy-Trex™
Editor info on Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems and Components

Overview— Design Engineering, Inc (DEI) offers the next generation of nitrous, Ny-Trex Nitrous. Ny-Trex is based on the need for quality, aggressive looks, variety, easy installation, helpful packaging and performance at a great price. Sure, there are others other nitrous companies that have been around longer. However, some looks and even functions have become dated and offer less options. Ny-Trex has the distinct advantage of improving on the established technologies while forging new and unique methods with “Outside the Box” aggressive styling and function.

Triple-Threat Systems - Ny-Trex is proud to introduce the next phase of nitrous innovation and evolution, the Triple-Threat wet nitrous system. This system, also known as the Ultimate Tri-Valve System, combines all three valve functions: Purge, N2O and Fuel in one easy to install component. By comparison, competitive systems require four part numbers to equal the contents of the Triple-Threat System. Ny-Trex considers these components essential and as such, includes the required components. The benefits continue with all plumbing, wiring and hardware completed and included. The system is made from billet aluminum and is laser-etched. The valve system is complete and can be easily retrofitted. More so, all Ny-Trex systems solenoids are serviceable, mount on any (shape) surface and offer a lifetime warranty.