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2011 DEI Product Sponsorship and Discount ProgramAVON LAKE, OHIO (March 4, 2011) – Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) the leader in thermal tuning products and cryogenic intake systems announces an expanded product sponsorship program for 2011 that includes Spa Turbo USA and Radiator Relief.  DEI’s generous sponsorship policy offers racers, enthusiasts and project builders the opportunity to acquire any DEI branded product – Ny-Trex, CryO2, Boom Mat, Radiator Relief or Spa Turbo USA - in exchange for product exposure at race and show events.  This program is designed to provide the maximum opportunity for DEI brands to receive media exposure and consumer awareness while providing the recipients with the finest high performance products completely free of charge, or at a major price discount.

The 2011 sponsorship program covers any type of vehicle including: cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, karts, boats and personal watercraft.  There is no limitation to race series or class, or show vehicle category, or the number of products or product mix that can be requested. While the sponsorship program  is open to all enthusiasts and racers, regardless of level of ability, criteria has been established to justify either full or partial sponsorship and will be based on the required proposal submission.



Ny-Trex NpC Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data LoggerAVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 24, 2011) – Ny-Trex™, a division of Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), proudly introduces its all new Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data Logger—the Ny-Trex NpC, a welcome addition to replace primitive knob and switch units.

The Ny-Trex NpC nitrous controller provides expert tuning of a nitrous system through a windows-based graphical interface providing a wide range of data-logging aids for precision tuning including: throttle position, RPM, and vehicle speed.   This advanced nitrous controller and data logger also provides independent control of two stages of N2O.  The unit, with its complete data logging capabilities and computer software, provides users with the analysis they need to quickly tune any N2O system for maximum performance.



DEI Boom Mat Under Carpet (UC)AVON LAKE, OHIO (JANUARY 24, 2011) – Boom Mat™, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustical and thermal insulation, introduces an innovative insulation product that will help keep your vehicle its quietest ever.  Under Carpet™ (UC™) is a second layer sound deadening and insulation mat that will help you maintain a quality ride experience by preventing unwanted noise from being transferred into the vehicle’s interior.  In addition to its sound deadener properties, this two layer acoustic material provides superior insulation; keeping your vehicle cool in the heat of summer, and warmer in freezing weather.

UC is made up of a top layer of flexible, one pound per square foot mass loaded barrier material, and a bottom layer of high quality industrial acoustical grade foam.  These combined materials offer the most ideal way to maintain a “new car” driving experience by eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibration and unwanted engine noise and heat. UC can be added under carpet, on fire walls, or anywhere in the interior of a vehicle where additional sound deadening or insulation is needed. For the ultimate experience in a quiet ride and interior comfort, Boom Mat recommends using UC over Boom Mat vibration dampening material.



SPA Turbo VW 2.5L Turbo Exhaust Manifold 090346Turbocharge That VW!

AVON LAKE, OHIO —SPA Turbo USA would like to introduce its latest addition to their growing line of turbo exhaust manifolds, the Volkswagen 2.5 liter FSI, inline 5 cylinder manifold (DEI Part# 090346 and SPA Part# TM-W-17).  Designed around cars equipped with both power steering and air conditioning, it leaves no comfort to be desired.  Cast with Garrett-style T3 turbo and standard 35/38mm 2-bolt wastegate flanges allow for endless combinations.  Applications include models in the A5 platform such as 2005-Curent VW Jetta Mk5, 2006-Current VW New Beetle, 2006-Current VW Rabbit, and 2010+ Audi TT RS.  As with all SPA Turbo exhaust manifolds, this manifold is cast in our own foundry using a unique blend of molybdenum and aluminum, resulting in one of the strongest, most durable cast iron alloys.  This process is exclusive to SPA Turbo and is instrumental for the improved fit, finish, and heat resistance of each casting.  The VW 2.5L manifold is custom designed with state of the art fluid dynamics software to utilize the strength and reliability of cast iron while providing the flow characteristics of a tubular manifold.  It has been thoroughly tested during the design process and again tested in real-world conditions, before ever being offered for sale.  SPA Turbo Exhaust Manifolds have proven themselves on streets and race tracks around the globe and all come with a one-year limited warranty.



Avon Lake, Ohio – Design Engineering's next generation method of chilling the temperature of fuel before entering the intake stream is now available - the CryO² Fuel Chiller System!

The new CryO² Fuel Chiller System uses the cryogenic properties of liquid CO² to charge a series of internal cryogenic chambers surrounding the center "fuel" chamber. As the fuel passes through the center chamber, the cryogenic-charged chambers super cool the fuel by maximizing the thermal transfer process, removing heat four times more effectively than any other system available today.

Extreme under hood heat created by headers, exhaust manifolds, high pressure fuel pumps, the engine block itself and other heat generating components all combine to raise the temperature of fuel and creates a potentially lean condition or "vapor lock" that can damage the engine. The CryO² Fuel Chiller System with it's super-cooling effect helps reduce the temperature of fuel which in turn increases the density of fuel. Denser fuel promotes better and more efficient burning of the fuel - consequently generating more power and greater fuel efficiency.