DEI Acquires Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide System Product Line

NytrexTuesday, November 25, 2008

by: Tom Miller

Longwood, Florida--On November 14th Design Engineering, Inc. made it's first aquistion buying Ny-Trex, llc a Nitrous Oxide company. Ny-Trex offers a complete line up of Nitrous Oxide kits and components utilizing 21st century engineering. Ny-Trex started with a clean slate when they set out to enter the Nitrous Oxide market making seven improvements to the tank alone.

The attention to detail is overwhelming eliminating multiple trips to the parts store to complete the installation. From the detailed 24 page instruction manual to the zip ties to secure the feedline and even a drill bit to mount the bottle...they thought of everything.

"There were many reasons why we wanted Ny-Trex, first and formost was for the founder and president Ken Brahier. He is brilliant at understanding engineering from an end users point of view", stated David Markley, President of Design Engineering, Inc. He went on to say," Ny-Trex is hands down the finest nitrous kit on the market and we look forward to adding Ny-Trex to our product offering through our fantastic network of distributors."

The main performance difference versus other nitrous systems is predictability and reliabilty of their proprietary solenoid vales. The valves range from the highest flow on the market to a multiport valve to the triple threat set-up which provides a valve for fuel, N2O and purge all in one high tech machined distribution hub.

The official launch of Ny-Trex will take place at the Performance and Racing Industry show in Orlando December 11-13 . See us in Booth #4316 for a complete demonstartion of the unique features of what Ny-Trex offers. Ny-Trex is... the FUTURE of NITROUS.