Boom Mat Speaker Baffles

Thursday, October 04, 2007

By: Tom Miller

Avon Lake, OH--You’ve made the investment in custom speakers for your vehicle, now you need to make sure they are properly protected and performing at maximum potential.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – You’ve made the investment in custom speakers for your vehicle, now you need to make sure they are properly protected and performing at maximum potential.

Boom Mat Speaker Baffles are made from a high tech closed cell Polyethylene which encases the speaker to seal out dirt and moisture while providing a protective shell. Boom Mat speaker baffles do more than protect though…they also maximize the speaker performance by isolating the correct frequency response while damping reverberation distortion in a vehicles body work and panels. A small investment with major returns for cars, trucks, RVs and even some watercraft.

• Boom Mat Speaker Baffles form a water tight, protective shell for speakers from water and moisture intrusion that can potentially harm speaker cone, voice coil and corrode electrical connections

• Closed-cell polyethylene enhances frequency response for improved sound clarity

• Easy conformability in tight spaces for a professional installation

• Thin material design offers less bulk for a clean and tight installation and professional finished appearance

• Sold in pairs and available in sixteen (16) different sizes covering the most popular speaker sizes and sold in pairs

• Isolates frequency responses and prevents sound from migrating to unfavorable areas in the vehicle such as door panels

• Reduces panel-to-frame and door panel reverberation and road noise for improved acoustics

• Serves as a protective barrier for speaker cone and voice coil against dirt and dust and as a guard against any exposed speakers (example: speaker components visible in trunk area)

• Damping properties help reduce distortion for enhanced acoustical response

• Closed-cell material forms a cushioned seal between speaker and mounting surface to isolate speakers from vehicle

• Extends speaker lifespan and protects owner’s speaker investment

When combining Boom Mat Speaker Baffles with Design Engineering’s Boom Mat Performance Acoustical Material, you’re creating an excellent sound proof environment for improved acoustics. This combination will help reduce under hood sounds, outside road noise, improve your midbass response, and raise the apparent volume level due to less external noise.

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