2011 19th Annual DSM/EVO Shootout

Buschur Racing LogoContingency Program Rules and Regulations
Design Engineering Inc.

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is teaming-up with Buschur Racing in preparation for the 2011 19th Annual DSM/EVO Shootoout.  Beyond partnerinDesign Engineering DEI Logog in the event, DEI will be sponsoring a special contingency program.  DEI will be offering over $2,000 in DEI product certificates redeemable with Buschur Racing or directly with Design Engineering.  To make qualifying for the contingency program easy, Buschur Racing has kindly offered to reduce pricing on many DEI products!  In part with Buschur Racing, DEI is offering 25% off all products purchased at DesignEngineering.com. Products include many from the CryO2, Ny-Trex nitrous systems, SPA turbo components, and DEI thermal control products lineup.  To apply this discount, enter the code "DES2011" in the discount section during checkout.  Special discounted prices will begin today and continue through the end of the event. 

The contingency program will be extended to all classes, both days.  At the Autocross on Saturday, all three classes will be included and payouts will be rewarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  The same goes for all eight classes at the Drag Racing event on Sunday.  Product certificates will be redeemable for DEI products only.  Shipping will not be included.

Contingency Payout Schedule:
1st place, $100 certificate
2nd place, $50 certificate
3rd place, one $25 certificate to each

To participate in this program, racer must:

  • Utilize a qualifying DEI branded product* on vehicle during event
  • Complete final check-in and registration at DEI booth during event, but prior to start of race.
  • Display at least ONE DEI brand specific decal on the exterior of vehicle, in plain viewable sight of spectators and tech inspectors.  Decal will be delivered upon registration.
  • Wear DEI, CryO2, or Ny-Trex T-shirt or Cap throughout event.  T-shirt will be delivered upon registration.

Deisgn Engineering Family Logos*Qualifying DEI branded products:
Titanium Turbo Shield
Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Thermal control products
Boom Mat Sound control products
CryO2 Cryogenic Intake System
Major CryO2 components
Ny-Trex Nitrous Systems
Major Ny-Trex components
SPA Turbo manifolds or major components

(Some product uses are subject to tech evaluation, as minimum quantity and presentation can affect qualification.)

In part with Buschur Racing, we are offering 25% off DEI Products purchased at DesignEngineering.com for this event. To apply this discout, enter the code "DES2011" in the discount section during checkout.

Please call or email Ken Maynard with any questions kenm [at] designengineering [dot] com

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