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Finally available for immediate shipment – the Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine Retro kit.

Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine KitThe Typhoon is a turbine located to feed the throttle body that brings a new and efficient way to improve delivery of Nitrous into intakes. Using the 900 to 1000 PSI high pressure created during nitrous activation, the Typhoon Turbine acts like a jet engine in revving up the flow of the mixture into the engine, thus increasing BOTH horsepower and torque. More importantly, it can even aid performance when not in use...



Martino at Jeg's Super Quick SeriesJuly 19, 2010 --

We are just getting back from the NHRA Jeg's Super Quick Series event at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. This is a unique event to participate in for many reasons. It's an indexed 1/8th mile event. They qualify 32 dragsters closest to a 4.50 seconds index (similar to the "Price is Right" theory, anything faster than 4.50 seconds doesn't count). We went with our reliable .33 / .36 Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems tune-up for the event. We ended up qualifying 11th after our first qualifying session with a 4.603 in the right lane and came back for the second session in the other lane and ran a 4.597...



Martino at Summit NationalsJune 28, 2010 --

We had a strong outing at the NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals at Norwalk, Ohio with the new .36 / .41 nitrous tune-up calculated by nitrous guru Ken Brahier of Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems.  In front of a record breaking crowd this season for the NHRA Full Throttle Series, we qualified with a 6.851 at 189.92 MPH running our nitrous timers on at .10 seconds into the run for only 5.00 seconds down the track.  The new .36 / .41 nitrous spread showed quicker incremental times all the way down the track compared to our 200+ MPH pass from the NHRA Lucas Oil Series event at Norwalk earlier this month.  We can't wait for the opportunity to see what this nitrous spread is capable of producing in the quarter mile running our nitrous timers from the starting line to the finish line.



May 24, 2010 --

We just got back from the NHRA Division 3 Lucas Oil Drag Racing event at Norwalk, Ohio.  Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems delivered big and proved why Ny-Trex is truly "The Future of Nitrous".

In our third race using the 33 gas / 36 n2o tune up we noticed something that the other nitrous aided applications are lacking, consistency.  Last fall we used the 33/36 tune up for the first time (with 6 1/2 lbs of nitrous fuel pressure & 7 1/4 lbs of fuel pressure; nitrous turned on at .10 in the run and used for the whole length of the track).  With said nitrous tune up we recorded our first ever 6 second pass - 6.956 at 192.36 mph at the NHRA Jeg's SportsNationals at National Trails Raceway, Columbus, Ohio.  We took the same tune up to Indy last month for the first NHRA event of the season and recorded a 6.951 at 193.51 mph pass before the event was postponed due to rain. 



April 28, 2010 --

We got rained out in Indy this past weekend and will be headed back for the re-run (May 21-22) the week after Norwalk's divisional (May 14-16).

We made one pass on Saturday in between rain fall and ran a career best et of 6.951 at 93.52 MPH to qualify 22nd with the 400 shot tune-up (6 1/2 n2o fuel pressure, 7 1/4 fuel pressure, 10 degree retard on timing - nitrous turned on .10 into the run for the whole length of the track).

Also we are close to getting the new motor together. We just purchased a 638 cubic inch BBC that went 6.50s in a Top Sportsman Corvette, it should really fly in our dragster...