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Nytrex Nitrous Systems1. Since nitrous has been in racing for a number of years now, are there any new developments in this product category?

There are a few key developments, primarily applications and technology.  The diesel market is the latest to recognize the incredible potential in using nitrous oxide.  There is NO other product which can decrease charge-air temperatures more drastically than “good old” nitrous oxide.  Also, its oxygenating effect increases efficiency in the diesel engine, eliminating black smoke.  When all the fuel is burned, no power is wasted at the cost of soot.  Concerning technology, the introduction of the progressive nitrous controller changes everything.  Simple window switches are a thing of the past.  Modern progressive nitrous controllers offer the safety and control necessary to make those old images of hoods flying off, an urban legend!



Idaho Rob Coddens Wins Indy NationalsRob Coddens, known as "Idaho Rob", sent in a 2012 race season update.

I wanted to update everyone of what's been happening so far during the 2012 race season. We've got great news!  We were the #1 qualifier in Super Street class in the NHRDA Lucas Oil Indy Nationals and went on to win that event.  We also broke the National record for ET by running 9.81 at 143mph and backed up that record run with a 9.69 at 146mph.  We also own the National Record for MPH at 148 in this class.

We are well in the lead in the National Points series for Super Street as well as being in the top 5 in Pro Street.

I could not have done it without the great Ny-Trex Diesel N2O kit from DEI.  The kit helps with spooling the large turbos in any elevation, is well put together, and relyed upon on most every pass to keep us at the top.  The customer support has been second to none.  I look forward to turning up the power during the world finals and see what the package is capable of!



Power in a Bottle
Installing the New Ny-Trex Big-Diesel Nitrous Oxide System
Diesel World Magazine


Nearly every diesel enthusiast wants more power from his or her truck, and when It comes to bang-for-the-buck performance improvements, the installation of a nitrous oxide injection system is hard to beat. Once you've added the intake. programmer and exhaust, there's still plenty more power on the table with an NOS system.

Diesel enthusiast Cody Shipley, of Jonesborough, Tennessee, uses his bright-red '00 crew cab Chevy truck as a daily driver. But he's also hooked (pun intended) on sled pulling and drag racing. While most sanctioning bodies do not allow the use of nitrous oxide in sled pulling, it is warmly welcomed on the drag strip.

Power in a Bottle - Ny-Trex Nitrous Diesel System Install



November 19, 2011: DEI's own Matt Handwork runs a 9.95 @ 139 mph 1/4 mile at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Matt utilizes our Ny-Trex Diesel Nitrous System on his 6000 lb., Duramax Diesel powered, Single-Turbo, stock-chassis, 2003 Chevrolet Silverado LB7 pickup truck.  So much for aerodynamics and minimum weight…horsepower and torque shall provide the victory!

For more on Matt and his 03 Silverado visit



Maxd Out Race TeamRob Coddens recently wrote us detailing his 2011 Diesel racing season, and offered feedback concerning his use of the DEI Ny-Trex Nitrous System and DEI Titanium Turbo Shields. He writes:

"We wrapped up our 2011 Diesel race season and the DEI N2O system and Turbo blankets worked flawlessly in our World Record holding 4x4 drag truck.  Amazing the abuse I put these turbo blankets through while propelling a 6,000 pound, 1350 RWHP, 4 x 4 diesel pickup truck down the ¼ mile running 9.3 second ET at 149+ MPH.

With the size of the turbos we are running, to achieve this performance level on a diesel engine, the blankets help tremendously with spooling on the line and keeping the heat in where it belongs for added boost and power. The N2O system worked beautifully and without any problems..."