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    The Inaugural DEI Cruise In took place over Father's Day Weekend and was a great success. We'd like to thank everyone that came out to support the event and invite everyone to check out the photos on or website and at Facebook.
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    The DEI channel on YouTube is the perfect place to learn installation techniques, tech tips and more information about the ever growing line of products from Design Engineering, Inc.
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    DEI sponsored Hot Rodders of Tomorrow team to compete in engine challenge Semi-Finals at SEMA in Las Vegas November 3-5.
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    DEI's new full color catalog is packed with 48 pages of tested and proven thermal acoustic performance products with the flagship brands enthusiasts have learned to trust for quality and performance.
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    Check out the photo album follow the DEI Project Camaro from start to finish.
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    The importance of grassroots marketing can never be underestimated. Design Engineering continues it's efforts of supporting local, national and international racer, project and show vehicle owners....
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Going Fast Without Going Broke - Crawl Magazine

Crawl Magazine - Jan/Feb 2011Words by Dan Guyer, sponsored member of Team DEI

Trail riding isn’t the same anymore since the King came to town. I’m not sure if I love or hate Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole. I was perfectly content to have a middle of the road trail rig; nothing more than a run of the mill yj, with leaf springs and one tons. It was fun. It was mostly reliable. I logged 30 days of trail riding in 2008. Life was good.

Sure, we heard about the King of the Hammers Race, but it was 2,500 miles away. It didn’t have much to do with us on the Right Coast, other than a few threads on my club’s bulletin board. It wasn’t until the Right Coast Qualifier in 2009 that reality began to sink in. It was madness – over 30 trucks wallowed in the sloppy trails at the Rausch Creek Offroad Park. The King had me in his grip. I had to be a part of this.

DEI Pipe Wrap Test: IronWorks Magazine

Deflects heat, but what about performance?

Pipe wrapped with DEI Exhaust Wrap - IronWorks MagazineWith 3800 miles on the FXRT, the heat from the un-shielded SuperTrapp exhaust system needed a solution. It was a foot cooker. We opted to try pipe wrap from DEI as a fix. Working with Mike Witt, dyno tuning guru at Chicago H-D, we soon had my header wrapped up tidily in a short period of time. After a test, I realized it helped a great deal with the exhaust system heat. All I did afterward was to put a small heat shield on the wrapped pipe so that my boot heel would not melt on it, nor would constant rubbing from my heel wear through it. A protective silicone spray is available that seals the wrap and allows you to clean it with soap and water, keeping the wrap looking new.

Ny-Trex NpC – Progressive Nitrous Controller

Ny-Trex NpC Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data LoggerNy-Trex™, a division of Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), proudly introduces its all new Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data Logger—the Ny-Trex NpC, a welcome addition to replace primitive knob and switch units.

The Ny-Trex NpC nitrous controller provides expert tuning of a nitrous system through a windows-based graphical interface providing a wide range of data-logging aids for precision tuning including: throttle position, RPM, and vehicle speed.   This advanced nitrous controller and data logger also provides independent control of two stages of N2O.  The unit, with its complete data logging capabilities and computer software, provides users with the analysis they need to quickly tune any N2O system for maximum performance.

Kill The Noise - DSport Magazine

DEI Boom Mat Material Install by DSportCAN BOOM MAT QUIET YOUR RIDE?
written by Michael Ferrara (DSport Magazine Jan. 2011)

"Hey, do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?," Try cruising in a 1000-horsepower Supra in sixth gear at 2,500 RPM with the 5-inch exhaust system in the constant drone mode. That's pretty damn annoying. Our 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 with Cummins 5.9-liter Diesel is a close second thanks to its 5-inch exhaust and big truck tires. Of course, the obvious solution to unwanted noise is to simply turn up the radio. However before installing a 1000-watt sound system to drown out the road noise, we decided to see if we could have any luck in reducing the in-cab noise levels.

Spraying For Fun - Race Pages Magazine

written by jason reiss (Race Pages Magazine Nov. 2010)
photos by courtesy of brenspeed

Ny-Trex Triple Threat EditorialEvery year, the Race Pages staff visits the annual Motorsports Parts Media Council (MPMC) trade show in January. The conference is held in the Los Angeles area, and is a chance for media members such as ourselves to have quality face-time with many of the manufacturers that do such a great job supporting this fine magazine, the NMRA, and its racers. Each of the manufacturers on the premises has some of their new parts on display, and the unique format ensures that question-and-answer sessions are at the forefront of each meeting. Most important, the meetings allow us to plan out our editorial calendar with parts and pieces we want to show off to you throughout the course of the rest of the year. At the most recent conference, we met with our friends over at Design Engineering, the parent company of Ny-Trex Nitrous, and were intrigued at the layout of their Triple-Threat nitrous system.