Team Saline Shatters Speed Record

Team SalineOwned and driven by veteran driver Steve Benyo, the CentiMark Mustang holds the C/Production Supercharged World Land Speed Record of 232.27, set in August of 2008 at the fabled Bonneville Salt Flats. The average speed for the fifth mile of the record setting run was 238.44 mph, making this “The World’s Fastest Production Mustang.” In addition to that record, the car presently holds fourteen ECTA top speed records for the Standing Mile. Other records and achievements are within reach, as Team Saline continues to develop and refine the technology necessary to push a production Mustang to speeds that were once considered unattainable.

In addition to winning the Hot Rod Top Speed Challenge, the Land Speed Mustang Race Team doubled up on their accomplishments by breaking the track record for the fastest run by a production-based car in the history of the Maxton Mile! The winning 233.10 mph pass eclipsed the previous record of 231.66 mph, set by an ethanol-powered twin-turbo Dodge Viper V-10 in October
of 2007.

On each of its five runs down the Maxton Monster Mile over the weekend, the CentiMark Mustang surpassed an existing class record. Under ECTA rules, contestants are allowed to “move up” to a higher class. Competing in several different classes, Steve reset two of his own ECTA records and finished the event with four new ECTA records overall. Steve now owns a total of 14 ECTA Land Speed Records in the Standing Mile, complementing the SCTA World Record set last August at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The CentiMark Mustang can now take claim to several other accomplishments beyond this particular class record, including:

• World’s Fastest Late-Model Production V-8
• World’s Fastest Gasoline-Powered Mustang
• World’s Fastest Production Mustang

The crew cited several conditions that were far from perfect, even on the record shattering run, and believe the car’s performance potential is just now being tapped. Look for updates and new developments at