SPA Turbo Performance Manifolds

SPA Turbo ManifoldLeading Name in Turbocharing Comes to North America

Design Engineering, Inc (DEI) is proud to introduce SPA Turbo USA to the North American market. SPA Turbo has been one of the leading names in turbocharging for over 20 years and brings more than their famous name to the USA.

DEI has aligned with SPA Turbo to offer SPA systems that are known world-wide for their design and reliability, providing high quality turbo systems and components at a reasonable price. Design Engineering, Inc, in partnership with SPA as the North American distributor of SPA turbos and components, brings SPA’s inventory of applications and accessories to the North American market. These manifolds, as well as many additional SPA and DEI products, are complete and ready to ship though Design Engineering’s special order program. SPA and Design Engineering also have the capability to produce custom products for companies including private labeling opportunities.

SPA exercises complete control over the entire manufacturing process from a well-staffed design team to their own casting foundry. There, using only the strongest, most durable alloys, SPA Turbo manifolds and hot housings offer a superior alloy to GG-40 incorporating a unique blend of molybdenum and aluminum to improve the fit, finish and heat resistance of each casting. Each application is custom designed using state of the art fluid dynamics software to utilize the strength and reliability of cast iron while providing the flow characteristics of a tube manifold. This process is exclusive to SPA and is used in more than 200 turbo manifold castings for cars and light trucks.

Along with their manifolds, SPA is known for building other turbo-related components with the same attention to detail and design-to-foundry execution. Specialized ancillary parts such as SPA’s 90 degree Universal Downpipe, T3 Turbo Housing, Wastegate Valves , Fuel Pressure Regulators, Blowoff Valves and Turbo Gasket Eliminator are the leading components SPA and DEI provide to complete the installation of SPA manifolds.

For more information on SPA turbo manifolds, Ny-Trex nitrous systems and components and other DEI thermal tuning products, call 1-800-264-9472 or email: sales [at] DesignEngineering [dot] com

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