Radiator Relief Test Video

Terry Walters over at TWPerformanceParts.com sent us this test of Radiator Relief he shot and posted on YouTube.

Here is what he had to say about the video:

We were asked to test a radiator additive from Design Engineering, Inc. They make a thermal tuning product called Radiator Relief, and this is ideal for adding to your classic rod or street car to prevent hot running, or overheating in the summer, and in those street parades or cruises.

We tested this on a day when the ambient temperature was 50f (10c) so not the hottest day, but the results were nonetheless very impressive. We saw a 23f decrease, and this remained steady throughout extended running.

We ran the T-Bird in this video for 15 minutes to get it to a stable temperature, then removed 16oz of hot water, and replaced it with the additive. It is a stock 1955 Ford Thunderbird with a rebuilt by Terry Walters 292CI V8 engine with a mechanical fan. The thermostat was removed during the test to ensure consistent results with no interruption to the water flow.

The car was then run for another 15 minutes and the temperature dropped 23f (13c) and remained stable throughout. You will notice the temperature climbed a little while we were adding the additive to the cooling system, which is normal.

We also left in the shop dog and customer foot traffic you'll notice if you watch carefully behind the T-Bird so you can see the video is not tampered with in any way. This was also the reason for the clock. This is a genuine test before we were prepared to stock this item, and recommend to our classic car customers.