Q&A with Ny-Trex Product Manager Ken Maynard

Nytrex Nitrous Systems1. Since nitrous has been in racing for a number of years now, are there any new developments in this product category?

There are a few key developments, primarily applications and technology.  The diesel market is the latest to recognize the incredible potential in using nitrous oxide.  There is NO other product which can decrease charge-air temperatures more drastically than “good old” nitrous oxide.  Also, its oxygenating effect increases efficiency in the diesel engine, eliminating black smoke.  When all the fuel is burned, no power is wasted at the cost of soot.  Concerning technology, the introduction of the progressive nitrous controller changes everything.  Simple window switches are a thing of the past.  Modern progressive nitrous controllers offer the safety and control necessary to make those old images of hoods flying off, an urban legend!

2. Are racers pretty informed about properly using nitrous, or do they still need to be educated? If so, in what ways?

There is still quite a bit of room for proper education.  Nitrous is not what it used to be.  The hap-hazard use of nitrous has since gone into the hands of the educated.  The number of “educated” is small, though.  By increasing education, the use of nitrous should increase.  The hard-core or even weekend racer should be drawn to nitrous.  They shouldn’t flee from it in terror, because of misled or lack of education. 

3. What about race engine builders and racing retailers? Are there any areas that they could use your advice as far as using and/or selling nitrous systems?

Start suggesting nitrous.  Share victory stories with prospects.  Educate and re-educate, when possible, concerning the technological leaps concerning this power-adder option.  It isn’t what they remember or what movies have portrayed it to be.  Plant the seed whenever possible.  Offer truth to the buyer and the myths can be dispelled.

4. Please describe your nitrous products for auto racing. In what classes or forms of racing are these best suited?

Obviously, drag racing is the best-suited application for nitrous oxide injection, both diesel and gasoline burners.  It can certainly make for fun in other venues as well.  Hey, it’s called laughing gas; why not have some fun with it!

5. Can you offer any effective selling and/or merchandising tips when selling nitrous products to the race market?

Education is the short answer.  Be sure that your sales staff is properly educated.  They can then pass the knowledge on to the buyer.  Focus some education on “ease of installation” and the “bang-for-buck” features.  There is no reason this product should not be mainstream!

6. What would you like PRI readers to learn as a result of reading this article?

Don’t fear the bottle!  With proper education, proper use of technology, and a little self-control, nitrous oxide can be the best thing you ever did!