Now Available: Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine Retro Kit

Finally available for immediate shipment – the Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine Retro kit.

Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine KitThe Typhoon is a turbine located to feed the throttle body that brings a new and efficient way to improve delivery of Nitrous into intakes. Using the 900 to 1000 PSI high pressure created during nitrous activation, the Typhoon Turbine acts like a jet engine in revving up the flow of the mixture into the engine, thus increasing BOTH horsepower and torque. More importantly, it can even aid performance when not in use.

Spraying nitrous into any intake it has beneficial effects in both adding oxygen and cooling the air to improve the density. This cooling effect of nitrous is magnified when you use compressed air that heats up from a super or turbo charger. The turbine uses the high-force pressure of nitrous to spin the impeller 10,000+ rpm causing the nitrous to expand more rapidly and creates a much greater cooling effect. The end result is to have smaller amount of nitrous have a much greater effect. When not in use it simply spins the air as it passes.

Utilizing a highly engineered turbine, the Typhoon’s two leading benefits are overall better distribution and creating positive pressure or a ‘mild’ boost for introducing nitrous. This simple principle enhances performance with improved spray distribution over typical EFI and single nozzle applications. Tests have shown horsepower efficiency of existing single nozzle nitrous injection systems improved by as much as 15% and increases in torque numbers up to 20% or more.

The Typhoon housing is constructed with CNC machined billet aluminum and can replace current cold air systems with a unique, one of a kind design that offers performance when nitrous is not in use. In the ‘Passive Mode’, the turbine fan, built with a precision shaft using two high speed roller bearings, creates a ‘floating’ effect that spins effortlessly with virtually no resistance - unlike other similar appearing devices that actually create a restriction by not turning.

The Typhoon system is easily adjustable by jetting the nozzle and changing the angle of nozzle to increase or slow turbine speed. The system also has ability to utilize a ‘Y’ mixer nozzle to introduce both force media (air or N2O) and a catalyst media such as fuel, alcohol or methanol. Available in 3 and 2-1/2 inch O.D. sizes, the Typhoon kit includes hose couplers and clamps for easy retrofit of existing cold air pipe and accommodates any single nozzle nitrous system.

Features & Benefits

  • Feature: Unique design utilizes high pressure nitrous at 900-1000psi to drive the turbine. The Typhoon spins 10,000+ rpm’s to create positive induction force.
    Creates better spray pattern for more even distribution and generates mild boost resulting in HP gain of up to 20% from jetting of standard N2O system.
  • Feature: Injection nozzle uses different size orifice jets to control the flow rate of the force media. Benefit: Totally adjustable. Kits include HP selections from 50, 75,100,100,125hp with the ability to add up to 200hp!
  • Feature: Passive mode allows passing air to spin turbine fan freely to create swirl effect of air entering the throttle body for improved air flow.
    Benefit: Unlike other devices that are stationary and cause an obstruction, the Typhoon spins freely with passing air improving the air distribution.
  • Feature: Installs easily within minutes to most any aftermarket cold air pipe system.
    Benefit: Eliminates the need for expensive custom applications.
  • Feature: Typhoon systems come complete in Wet (with fuel) or Dry (N2O only) systems.
    Benefit: Will fit most every EFI nitrous application utilizing a cold air system.

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