DEI featured on "Motorhead Garage"

Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman from Motorhead GarageSam Memmolo & Dave Bowman from the popular cable TV "Shadetree Mechanic" are back together turning wrenches and tightening bolts on their new 30-minute program called "Motorhead Garage".

Design Engineering was featured on "Motorhead Garage" the last two weeks and the guys at the "Motorhead Garage" studio have provided us with video of these pieces to share.

The first DEI featured piece is a short "Industry Update" from episode 3 in which Dave and Sam discuss how to keep your car cool and control heat. Check it out:

The second segment featuring DEI products is an "Under hood Heat Protection 101" style segment from episode 2. Here, Dave and Sam walk you through how to wrap your header with DEI Titanium Wrap, wrapping your started with Versa Shield, and protecting your spark plug boots with DEI Protect-A-Boots. Watch here:

Look for Design Engineering products to be featured in future episodes of Motorhead Garage as they air on Fox Sports Network every Sunday at 11:30 AM EST nationwide in all U.S. time zones and repeating on Monday at 4:30 PM EST.