DEI To Be Featured on "Motorhead Garage"

Motorhead Garage: Sundays at 11:30AM on Fox Sports NetworkSam & Dave are back! Sam Memmolo & Dave Bowman from the popular cable TV "Shadetree Mechanic" are back together turning wrenches and tightening bolts on their new 30-minute program called "Motorhead Garage".

Airing every Sunday at 11:30 am (EST) nationwide in all U.S. time zones and repeating on Monday at 4:30 pm, "Motorhead Garage" reaches 85 million U.S. households airing on all 22 Fox Sports Network regions throughout the U.S.

Design Engineering will be running commercial spots in all 12 episodes and repeats of "Motorhead Garage" supporting our Exhaust Wrap & Accessories, Spark Plug Boot Protectors and Radiator Relief line of products.

Sam and DaveOn this weekends program a DEI segment "Under hood Heat Protection 101" type segment will be featured.  Sam and Dave will be installing a number of DEI thermal tuning / heat control products during this 4 to 5 minute segment.

As part of Design Engineering commitment to "Motorhead Garage", other DEI products will be featured during the 12-flight of "Motorhead Garage". More information on what will be featured will be announced soon.

So tune in this Sunday morning at 11:30 am.