Boom Mat - A Step-By-Step Install

Boom Mat is the perfect solution for eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations, and unwanted engine and road noise. With no surface preparation required and its ease of installation, Boom Mat is the most simple and effective solution available.

In February 2008, HCI Magazine published an article detailing just how easy the install was. Check out the article and view the entire step-by-step install below!

In their February 2008 issue, Hot Compact and Imports Magazine ran an article titled "QUIET!: Noise, Vibration and Heat Solutions" that describes many DEI noise and heat solutions and shows a step-by-step BOOM MAT install through out the vehicle. HCI says "Every enthusiast vehicle can benefit from DEI products, and you don't have to own an ultra-high-performance vehicle to reap the benefits".

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