New Products

New ProductsThis year, DEI offers a range of new products for your heat control needs and beyond. This section highlights some of the newest products added to the DEI line in one convenient place.
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DEI Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit - 010089 - Design Engineering IncPolaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit$246.09
Positive Locking Tie & Tool Kit with Packaging - 010219 - Design Engineering IncPositive Locking Tie and Tool Kit$28.70
Quarter Midget Fuel Line Kit - 010634 - Design Engineering IncQuarter Midget Fuel Line Kit$10.25
DEI Reflective Fuel Can Cover Product Line - 010467 - Design Engineering IncReflective Fuel Can Cover$36.00
Boom Mat Performence Speaker Kit - 050199 - Design Engineering IncSpeaker Performance Kit$19.99
Speed Sleeves™ - BLACK Exhaust Wrap Jackets - 010083 - Design Engineering IncSpeed Sleeves - Exhaust Wrap Jackets$88.43
Boom Mat Thermal & Acoustic Interior Kit - 050500 - Design Engineering IncThermal & Acoustic Interior Kit$316.54
DEI Titanium Exhaust & Pipe Wrap Kit - 010095 - Design Engineering IncTitanium Exhaust & Pipe Wrap Kit$148.66
DEI Ultra 47™ Turbo Shield - 010172 - Design EngineeringUltra 47™ Turbo Shield$151.15