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    George Poteet, hot rodder based out of Memphis, has snagged the Goodguys 2013 Tank's Hot Rod of the Year award for his "Hugger Orange" Three-Window 34 Ford coupe, built by David Lane of Fast Lane Rod Shop.
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    Bitten by the automotive bug at an early age while working in the family owned and run W-J Body Shop in Gadsden, Alabama, Alan Johnson decided to step away from the norm and opened Johnson's Hot Rod Shop.
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    Boom Mat's ease of installation makes it the most simple and effective solution to help eliminate rattling and dampen vibrations and noise.
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On All Cylinders BlogBoom Mat is featured in a new post on the "On All Cylinders" blog, powered by Summit Racing Equipment.

In the blog post "Easy Interior Makeover: Updating a Tired Interior with DEI Boom Mat and Procar Seats", the author, Jeff Huneycutt, touches on the benefits of installing the all-in-one solution that is DEI's Thermal & Acoustic Interior Kit in their 1978 Camaro.

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World class builders, The Roadster Shop, use Design Engineering, Inc. and Boom Mat products to create the coolest, quietest, most comfortable high quality custom vehicles. A car is only as good as how tight it is and how insulated it is once it's done. DEI and Boom Mat makes sure it is done right.



After nearly 40 years, the interior of this '78 Chevy Camaro was totally rotten and worn out. Watch as Horsepower Monster shows you how to rip out the interior and start over with DEI's Boom Mat and Under Carpet Light and then add all new carpet.



The guys from Craftsman tools and Roadster Shop have teamed up to turn a '69 Chevy C/10 into a performance muscle truck fit for autocross. You can follow along with their build on the web series Craftsman Restoration Roll-out at as they turn the old C10 into the ultimate muscle truck.

The web series currently features 17 professionally produced episodes that cover everything from meeting the guys of Roadster Shop to finding the truck, disassembly, rust repair, concept design, body assembly, wiring and plumbing, and finally, interiors.



Identifying and Solving Vehicle Noise Issues

Boom Mat Family of productsEvery car, truck, hot rod or homebuilt vehicle has a unique acoustic signature due to engine type, exhaust, tires, build quality as well as the effects caused by aftermarket accessories. Elements of that signature can create an undesirable environment for the driver and passengers, such that it becomes necessary to address and repair unwanted noise, or at the very least, alter the quality of the noise encountered by utilizing various noise control materials and composites.

In order to accurately identify which noise control material will work to your satisfaction in your vehicle, one needs to first understand some basic Science of Noise as it relates to the material treatments available. Graphically, a given noise source, will typically be illustrated on an x & y axis, x being a given decibel level in dBA, and y being the frequency range from 100Hz to 5000Hz...